Thursday, November 29, 2012

Time to celebrate: Hipp Hipp Hurre

In Terdal Streets crosses 10,000 hits. Never ever thought of crossing over sea. But Terdal news is crossing over sea and the blog which carries it has crossed Ten Thousand hits. Be connected to your all loving blog In Terdal Streets ( 

On this occassion I would like to introduce Appu Nasi who created  "Namma Terdal" blog has redesigned  "In Terdal Streets" and also merged "Namma Terdal" with the "In Terdal Streets" that means both blogs will be maintained jointly by our news team. 

Let me Introduce Our News Reporting Team which at present includes
Manoj Yadwad.
B. D. Hiremetri. (Reporter Samyukta Karnatak)
M. K. Megadi (Reporter Vijay Vani )
Irappa Balikai.(Reporter Hosadiganta)
Arun Yadwad.(Reporter Vijaya Karnatak)

Our Designing Team
Appu. Nasi.
Manoj. B. Yadwad
On this occassion one more blog: 

Terdal Market 

Want to Sell, Want to buy. One point solution. Place your add at Terdal Market and get noticed. 

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